SME Accounting Services in Singapore

Shorts Business Services is a leading SME accounting firm that offers accounting services for small business Singapore. We offer SME accounting services in Singapore to enable small enterprises and start-ups to grow their business and thrive in the market. Our services support business growth and deliver top-notch accounting services to maintain finances. Our team comprises skilled SME accountants who provide expert advice and become your support in the competitive industry.

How Do SME Accountants Help You?

SME Accounting Services Singapore

Companies do hire accountants for accounting and bookkeeping services. However, it can turn out to be a daunting task and requires a good amount of time and money. For a small or medium business, time and money both are crucial and essential to developing the business. You would want to spend time on core business matters rather than resolving accounting problems and other administrative tasks.

In this situation, it is better to outsource your tasks and hire an SME accounting firm. SME accountants would be well-versed in managing accounts and keeping books in order. Moreover, they can help small businesses in making useful strategies to increase their cash flow and grow their business.

Professional accountants understand the complexities of financial matters and the business statutory of Singapore. They will use a detailed approach to cover all the aspects of your finances, identify any issues and weak points, and then help in recovering them. SME accountants understand the challenges start-ups and small businesses can face, so they take measures to prevent them.

SME accounting services include:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Account management and tax filing
  • Budgeting and managing finances
  • Tracking expenses and cash flow
  • Monitor financial growth
  • Bank reconciliation

How To Find Good Accounting Services For Small Business Singapore?

To manage your accounts efficiently, it is important to find the best SME accounting services in Singapore. Here are a few points you can consider before hiring an accounting firm:

Understand Your Requirements

When you start looking for SME accounting services Singapore, you first need to understand the requirements of your business. Based on the services you require, it would be easy to find an accounting firm that can manage accounts and keep books of your business. Once you know what you need, it would be helpful in finding the right services.

Qualification And Experience

While hiring an accounting firm, it is better to check the credentials and qualifications of the company and its accountants. Someone with good experience in the industry can be resourceful for small enterprises and start-ups. Firms with the right qualification and experience can also help you in various financial matters other than record-keeping and managing accounts. Moreover, professional accountants keep updating themselves with changing laws and rules of business statutory in Singapore to comply with them.

Referrals And Recommendations

A great way to hire an SME accounting firm is to take recommendations from colleagues and people in your business circle. Referrals always help in getting the best services as your friends or colleagues can guide you. So, you can always start by asking around the best accounting firms for small businesses in Singapore.


When you contact or visit different companies to avail accounting services for small business Singapore, you can observe their way of dealing and communication in the first interaction. It is essential for an accounting firm to be active and responsive so that you can trust them with prompt services and the resolution of any financial issues. If the company does not take much interest in understanding your business model or delays their responses, you should consider any other firm for your business.

Read Reviews

Another great way to find out about an accounting firm is to check it with its previous clients. You can read reviews about them on the internet or the testimonials given by their clients on the website. These reviews will let you know what clients liked about the firm and what they did not.

Proactive And Initiative

The accounting department and managing finances are a significant part of your organisation. An accountant looks after your books and prepares reports, which helps in keeping a check on the cash flow and expenditures. Moreover, an accountant advises about different financial matters and provides assistance in managing money so that your business can grow and flourish.

Use The Advanced Technologies

Along with the credentials and qualifications, you can also check the latest software and technologies accounting firms use. Many developments have been introduced in the market, which has made accounting easier and efficient. So, before hiring an accounting firm, find out about their use of innovative technology.


Small enterprises and new start-ups are mostly short on cash and cannot afford to spend large sums of money. Moreover, SMEs do not usually have enough budget to hire many employees or have a large office space to accommodate any departments. In such circumstances, hiring an accounting firm takes the burden off SMEs and saves them lots of time and money. Accounting services are available at reasonable rates, so you can hire professional accountants at cost-effective rates while saving money to develop your business.

Find The Best SME Accounting Services For Your Business

From bookkeeping to preparing financial statements to payroll processing, Shorts Business Services is an experienced firm providing impeccable SME accounting services Singapore. We aim to become partners in your business growth and deliver the best accounting services for small business Singapore. If you are a small business initiative or a new start-up, feel free to contact us for SME accounting!

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