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Shorts Business Services is amongst the top corporate secretarial firms in Singapore. We provide the best corporate secretarial services, Singapore

A company secretary plays a significant role in the administration of a business. In this highly competitive world, it becomes challenging to handle all the daily business tasks and activities. The management of the company cannot keep track of administrative tasks and afford the time to get them done. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative to hire a company secretary to take the burden off the business owners. A secretary firm in Singapore can provide the best corporate secretarial services Singapore.

Additional Services if requested:

Registered Address


per year

Notifications when you receive a mail, scanning and forwarding of the messages

Closing a company



Strike-off / Closure / Terminate Company

Company Stamp



Self-inking rubber company stamp delivered to your doorstep

Bank Account



Bank Account opening assistance

Nominee Director


per year

S$2,400 refundable security deposit required for this service

Conversion to Pte. Ltd.



Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited conversion. All fees included

Employment Pass Application Services


50% refund for rejected applications

The corporate secretary services Singapore of Shorts Business Services help in creating a difference for the business owners. We deal with corporate issues, manage regular tasks, and take care of the timeline, which facilitates you in focusing on other business matters.

Why Should You Outsource Corporate Secretarial Service Singapore?

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By the rules of ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority), it is essential for all the companies to appoint a company secretary within the six months of their incorporation. That leaves you with two alternatives; the first is to hire an in-house company secretary, and the second is to hire secretarial services Singapore by a reputable firm.

Outsourcing secretarial services is a better option for many businesses because they get an experienced company secretary at affordable rates. In contrast, when you hire a company secretary on your own, it consumes time, money, and resources. Also, you will have to train an in-house secretary according to your needs.

Firms providing corporate secretarial service Singapore are aware of Singapore's business statutory and compliance rules. They prepare and maintain records as per the requirements. Further, they ensure smooth operation by following business ethics and perform their duty honestly. They are experts in taking care of an organisation's administrational work and help them in taking their business to the next stage.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Secretarial Services Singapore

Secretary Firm in Singapore Have Experienced And Qualified Staff

A secretary firm in Singapore has knowledge and experience that you can take advantage of. They are aware of all the rules and regulations and have skilled personnel to efficiently deal with corporate matters and administrative tasks. Their staff is qualified and has vast expertise in running secretarial services for different organisations. They also tailor their skills to fulfil the needs of your company and handle challenges on your behalf.

Time Saving For Your Business with Best Company Secretary

In business, time is equivalent to money. Managing your time is essential for the growth and development of the business. Being a business owner, your role is to make decisions for the betterment of the company and implement them to upscale business. You cannot look into every other administrational task and keep track of the deadlines.

A company secretary Singapore is qualified for carrying out and accomplishing all the daily tasks of the company. Corporate secretarial service providers enhance the productivity of the company and save the owners lots of time. They perform business activities consistently and rapidly, while you can serve time to develop your business.

Fulfil Compliance Requirements

In Singapore, there are a number of business statutory and compliance requirements. Firms that offer corporate secretarial services in Singapore have in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the compliance rules and regulations. Once you hire them, they utilise their skills to fulfil your compliance needs and condition within time. They keep track of the timeline and maintain all the official records and statements. That is how a company secretary plays a role in moving your corporation to the next level.

Accurate And Honest Task Management

Firms employ the best company secretary Singapore to handle a company’s administrational work and activities. These secretaries are trained to deal with day-to-day tasks and issues efficiently. When you outsource corporate secretary services Singapore to a competent firm, they ensure the delivery of outstanding services and adhere to a set structure of rules to fulfil your needs. Their task management is accurate and timely without any late submissions or inaccurate reporting, so you can expect to get adequate work on time.

Affordable And Cost-Efficient

Hiring secretarial services Singapore is affordable and cost-effective for most organisations, especially small businesses, and new start-ups. It helps them reduce their expenses and save money for other pressing business matters. Moreover, they can save money by avoiding the entire recruitment process to appoint a company secretary. It excludes the expenses on the training and hiring of an internal secretary and office staff. When you outsource secretarial services, you can avail the services of a professional, expert, and trained individuals at a reasonable rate.

Convenient And Comfort

A great company secretary Singapore will bring ease and comfort to your life with their knowledge and expertise. They will make your business activities and operations smooth and flawless, with minimum chances of error. Your work will be done quickly, adequately, and accurately. They can save you from last-minute preparation, late submissions, and penalties due to incorrect reporting.

A Broad Spectrum Of Services

Firms that provide corporate secretarial service Singapore also offer various other services along with a company secretary. By hiring a secretary firm, you can avail yourself of a full spectrum of their services, such as accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll, company incorporation and registration, and taxation. You can also outsource these services and get support from experienced individuals in managing your business.

Reliable Handling

Firms that offer the best company secretary Singapore ensure a systematic and well-planned task organisation. That is the utmost benefit of outsourcing secretarial services. You can rely on them for the timely preparation and submission of official documents and reports. They employ a well-trained and experienced staff that is capable of handling all types of administrational activities and combatting any problem. You can remain stress-free and see the work get done without any hassle.

Moreover, corporate secretarial service providers provide tailored advice and feedbacks to boost your business. They collaborate with you for the expansion of your company and make its functions efficient. You can rest assured to get services as per your requirements and needs.

Find The Best Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore

If you are looking for a reputable secretary firm in Singapore, choose Shorts Business Services. We offer the best corporate secretarial services Singapore at cost-effective rates. Our services ensure a seamless operation and function of all the business activities as per the compliance rules. Our company secretaries are expert in attending to your specific business needs and customise the solutions according to your requirements. Contact us to get the best secretarial services in Singapore!

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