How To Outsource Bookkeeping Services?

How To Outsource Bookkeeping Services?

Virtual bookkeepers and local bookkeepers are the two most common ways to outsource bookkeeping.

Virtual Bookkeepers

The term "virtual bookkeeper" refers to a bookkeeper who is employed over the internet. As an example, a virtual accounting service may be used. Our bookkeepers work with you wherever you are in the United States, so you don't have to relocate.

Xendoo's accounting services vary from those of other virtual bookkeepers in a few ways. One option is to engage a virtual bookkeeper who does the same work as a traditional bookkeeper, but online.

Hiring a freelance bookkeeper is more costly since they are self-employed. Rather than charging a fixed monthly fee like a traditional bookkeeper, freelancers typically charge an hourly rate.

An accounting bookkeeping service or corporation may also have more resources than a sole proprietorship.

Another benefit of virtual bookkeepers is that they are acquainted with a wide range of online payment processors, eCommerce platforms, and other financial services since they operate online. As a result, they can assist you in setting up a safe accounting system for all of your business's financial transactions. With this, you'll be able to keep track of your finances at any moment, whether it's to file your taxes or plan for the future of your company.

Local Bookkeepers

A local bookkeeper works out of an office or company location close to where you are. When it comes to hiring a local bookkeeper, hourly rates are common, and they may be pricey.

If you need to schedule more than one or two hours a month, it's not cost-effective. If you're just scheduling an hour of accounting advice each month, this could make sense. However, you would still be in charge of keeping your records in this scenario.

Your local bookkeeper will undoubtedly need to spend more than a few hours each month monitoring your books if your company is large with numerous workers and several income sources. Those extra hours might quickly add up.

Most of the time, you don't require a local bookkeeper, unless in the following situations:

You want frequent face-to-face meetings with your bookkeeper.

You only preserve tangible records of your financial information.

It's up to you whether or not you hire a local bookkeeper. It's no longer uncommon for accounting and bookkeeping activities to be completed online. Since online accounting is more precise, cost-effective, and convenient, it is preferred by the vast majority of firms.

Benefits Of Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services

1. Cost-Effective Bookkeeping Solutions

An extra and consequently unneeded expense for most organisations is the perception of outsourcing. It's completely wrong to think that way. In reality, the reverse is true.

Our customers that outsource their accounting are eager to save money without sacrificing quality, which is why they chose us.

It is common for organisations to provide their services at a cheaper cost rate when they outsource their work (typically due to lower labour costs at their location).

Because you don't have to pay the employee's wages and benefits in full or part-time, you save money. You just pay for what you need. Full-time workers don't incur any productivity losses as a result.

2. Eliminate Hiring Processes And Their Time And Costs

As you can see from the illustration, finding a new employee is no easy task. It needs resources to handle it, from designing a recruiting plan to choosing candidates to interview. The hiring process requires time and money from your firm, and you'll need to set aside some of that time for yourself or the new employee.

The time spent searching for a qualified accountant is often overlooked by businesses. When it comes to expenses, both time and money are directly linked. It's important to factor in the cost reductions that may be realised by outsourcing corporate functions.

3. The Benefit Of Saving Time

Managing your finances will take more time as your company expands, whereas expanding the firm will take less time. As a result, you may better use your time, energy, and resources by having bookkeeping and accounting chores handled by a third party. As a result, you'll be able to generate more money and develop stronger connections with your clients.

4. Accounting & Bookkeeping Expertise 

You may be able to find a professional with more experience and a lower salary via outsourcing.

To remain competitive in the market, outsourced bookkeeping services and accounting service providers must constantly enhance their abilities and certifications. Imagine sharing an office with 50 other individuals. Accounting trends, solutions, and tools may be readily disseminated. In addition, the best accounting firms have more access to training and courses, and they actively participate.

In addition, working with an accounting firm's staff of Accountants is a benefit of outsourcing. Fixed-price companies receive a staff of accountants from Baltic Assist. One person isn't enough to do a variety of responsibilities.

Selecting a reputable and skilled outsourced accounting firm will help you ensure that your finances are in safe hands.

5. The Ability To Easily Scale Accounting

Accounting service providers can increase your service levels rapidly and with little or no downtime. As an example, if your bookkeeping and accounting duties surpass the capabilities of a single person, you may simply be reinforced with more staff. Without the need for a lengthy application procedure.

On top of that, accounting and bookkeeping service providers charge hourly rates. It shows the number of hours may be increased or decreased without causing a interruption.


Clients that choose to outsource their accounting work will benefit greatly from doing so. Cost-effectiveness is the first step in the process, followed by flexibility in contract terms or the number of services that may be added or removed. Even while accounting and bookkeeping are critical to corporate operations, they're difficult as well. For this, you'll need more patience and expertise in this field. Several mistakes may lead to a reduction in your company or even bankruptcy if you lack accounting skills.